At iWay61, we provide personalized support and business services specifically for independent entrepreneurs following alternative career paths. Whether you are a musician, comedian, artist, writer, adult entertainer, tattooist, acrobat or independent astronaut, we have your back. Because we assist people in industries that are highly competitive and often very personal, we will not be sharing our portfolio publicly. But if you need support of any kind, please email us and we will respond with information about all available options to help you grow your business.

Services we provide include but are not limited to: Website design and training in web publishing, SEO help, logo design, business planning, personal coaching, industry specific research, niche development (including fetish training for adult entertainers), sourcing unique content, and cost/benefit analysis for expanding your existing business into new areas.

We are a small team of experienced, successful professional women who believe life is too short to spend your days in a cubicle. Break away from the herd. We want to help you follow your bliss. Please email us for further info.